We are aware of resource scarcity of the World and we know that sustainable development and enlargement is only possible with the economical and precise use of these scarce resources. In addition to our resource scarcity awareness, we are in the knowledge that the most precious wealth of society is the human resources with versatility and high quality. We commit ourselves to protect these resources and actions that supports sustainable development with this attitude. We are fulfilling the social responsibilities that are expected from us. We promise to accomplish our duties with the sense of responsibility and cooperation in the society. We are planning our businesses with the sense of duty that starts from our closest employees and solution partners to the very end of our business chain. Moreover, we are aware of that the most important wealth of societies is well-qualified human resources. We promise to protect these resources and use them efficiently and we support every action in that direction.
Ethical Principles: We support human rights, which is a common value of the world. We respect to laws and regulations in countries we do business. While we are doing business, we commit to ethical values and we promise not to be in any business that is unethical. We make strenuous efforts to create a glare management system in accordance with respect, responsibility and correctitude.
Health & Safety At Work: We care about our employees’ health. We are taking preventive measures for health at work and follow up its appliance. We are working to create healthy and secure working environment and developing it to better standards. Our mission is to provide healthy and secure working environment that suits humanity and to protect our employees, to provide production and business safety. In this context, SEHA has established Health & Safety at work system and certified. (OHSAS 1800:2007)
Environment: We approach to environment within respect and responsibility. We use resources correctly and economically and doing our best not to pollute the environment. In this context, SEHA has established Environment Management System (TS EN ISO 14001:2005) and started to apply it. We aim at controlling pollution at initial stage and reducing it.
Information Security Policy: Complying to TS EN ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standard, SEHA defined to assess information security management process and regulate the relationships with 3rd parties about the information security as the main subject..  [… read more …]
Integrated Management System Policy: To ensure customers’ satisfaction at the highest level through our services that are constituted with all of our employees, and enhancing productivity and constant improvement as a principle are our quality policy. [… read more …]
Trading Rules:
Seha has wide experience in international trading. We are export trading to up to 70 countries and import trading from up to 30 countries. We actualize logistics (customs and freight) operations and exchange services through our professional employees. Seha is capable of doing every kind of sale and purchasing activities (EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR, DDU etc.) with its knowledge, personal and infrastructure. We are doing international trading business in respect of INCOTERM 2020 terms.