Seha tyre department, with the philosophy of “the best price, fast delivery and quality of service” exports to more than 70 countries its own brand name Seha Tyres (agricultural, OTR, F / M, industrial since 1992, and is within the first five tyre exporters in Turkey. Our target is opening new markets and strengthen product range by adding new sizes.

We are in the position of the main supplier of Domestic and international organizations (the projects funded by the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Public Procurement Agency) and many other corporate clients. Our aim is, to provide the best solutions for our customers’ needs with a broad range of products.

SEHA offers “client customized solutions” for the needs of the industry’s leading manufacturer firms of light commercial vehicles. Strong infrastructure and team of engineers with 15 years experts of design and construction of modified vehicles, Seha automotive, works in domestic and export market focused on customer satisfaction.

SEHA Solar Department; nowadays, it is increasingly in important of photovoltaic panels. It has a wide product range targeting the customer satisfaction in the sector. With its high technology production line, it produces 4 BB and 5 BB latest technology modules.