Vision, Mission & Values

To protect our 5th biggest exporter position in tyre sector and to lift effectiveness of our firm in Middle Africa and South America markets.

To gain QVM quality certificate of bodywork, and by increasing our business abroad to become an exporter firm in bodywork sector.

To increase our work completion capacity each year as the project department.

In the sectors we exist, to enhance our value-adding ability, to increase employment and being able to produce new technologies. Sustaining our reliability in every market we run business.

We build all our activities on ethical values. Our biggest source of pride is to know that we are in an indispensable position on our customers’ and business partners’ minds with our fairness, respect and charity within our organization and to customers. We attach importance to teamwork, competitive spirit and focus of success.

Financial Policy
We always fulfill our responsibilities promptly. We work on to get in our business partners’ hand as far as possible.