About Us

SEHA, founded in 1988. SEHA, who is in the business life for 30 years, is running its businesses as being in the top 1000 of best exporter firms, 89 th in the automotive sector and 5th biggest exporter in the tyre sector in Turkey. We are export trading to more than 70 countries and import trading from around 25 countries. SEHA is maintaining and developing business relationships with 200 abroad and 1200 domestic firms each year.

Right along with trade, contract and manufacturing, SEHA is representing several manufacturers and brands around the world in different sectors in Turkey.

Because of SEHA’s quality vision, Call Center is accessible from all around Turkey for 7/24 at after-sale support service.

Project & Contract
SEHA has served large scale industrial units as technical consultant and engineering when it has first started to business as a commitment, supply and project firm since 1988.

As being a project firm since its foundation, SEHA has been interested in Europe Union, United Nations, and World Bank grant aided projects. By completing significant projects in many sectors, SEHA gained a wide business experience.

SEHA Projects Department is in the position as the contract based primary supplier of domestic and global organizations (Europe Union, World Bank, United Nations, and Public Institutions) and many corporate customers with its large business actualization potential. We are creating solutions upon extensive product range with customer focused approach. Seha; is having operations in Information & Communication Technologies (IT&ICT), Biometric Identification Systems, Laboratory and experiment solutions, Automotive bodywork, Waste Management Projects, and turn-key Industrial Manufacturing Sytems.

SEHA aims to satisfy his customers’ needs, within the optimum boundaries covering the most suitable, economic conditions with independent brand solutions.

By completing significant projects in many different sectors, SEHA gained a wide business experience and know-how assets, and proved its versatility.

SEHA is a competent consultant and contractor about service and product efficiency, project and procurement process management including complete documentary preparation without restraining brand requisites. Hence, SEHA is sharing its know-how about projects of public and private sector institutions.

Business Development
Seha is running business development projects about IT, Automotive, Security and Renewable Energy Resources in its own project department.

SEHA Automotive Department is providing the most suitable solutions according to the requirements of his customers within a broad range of products. SEHA proved its capability in the automotive sector by being 89th company along the top 1000 exporters companies in Turkey.

With its strong infrastructure and specialist staff, SEHA Automotive Department is highly appreciated in the special vehicle design and vehicle bodywork sector. Hence, SEHA is an approved vehicle bodywork company of several vehicle manufacturers.

Seha Automotive provides solutions within the concept of ‘Special Purpose Vehicle Solutions’, and today serves to a wide range of segments and produce solutions such as (but not limited to) ; Health Vehicles, Handicapped Vehicles, VIP Vehicles, Tourism and Public Transport Vehicles, Funeral Vehicles, Refrigerated Vehicles, Mobile Communication Vehicles.

Based on contract specifications, light commercial vehicles manufactured by the Automotive Main Industry are prepared for unique and different designs with prioritized solutions, according to the customer needs. Today, our bodybuilding solutions on many brand and models are being used in homeland and abroad.

Our Quality Policy:
We are a success-oriented company, which implements Total Quality Management, known as a high-quality and reliable in the sector, ensures absolute customer satisfaction, knows the priority of the training of personnel working in the production, and aims to increase efficiency by carrying on improvement and development activities continuously in each process of the production.

SEHA has become a preferred contractor by bringing customer satisfaction to the optimum level with its specialized staff in subject product groups.

Seha Automotive is a company that continuously produces project and offer solutions. Our company meets the needs of automotive industry at home and abroad by means of its products and services having high-quality and competitive prices in the automotive superstructure sector.

Solar Panel

In the first quarter of 2017, SEHA Solar Department started to produce at full capacity of 100 MW at 12.000 m² area in Sincan Industrial Zone. The quality of photovoltaic solar panels produced by SEHA Solar, which has a wide range of products with a quality and economic production, has been tested and approved by KIWA according to IEC norms. It proved its strength in the sector with high technology production line, high capacity and quality production. SEHA aims to reach to the 100% production target of its domestic production status certificate, which is 70,97%, with the R & D projects being carried out.

SEHA one of Turkey’s leading exporters of agricultural, industrial and implement tyres. In addition, Seha distributes a wide range of Seha brand agricultural, OTR, E/M and industrial tyres to more than 70 countries. Seha has been ranked as one of the fifth biggest tyre exporter, in Türkiye since 1992. In parallel with the increase of sales force, it increases the product range and strengthens the position in the sector.