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SEHA Solar; nowadays, it is increasingly in important of photovoltaic panels. It has a wide product range targeting the customer satisfaction in the sector. With its high technology production line, it produces 5 BB, Halfcut MB latest technology modules. Our domestic production rate is 70.97% and it is carrying out AR-GE studies with the cooperation of TUBITAK, Gazi University, Harran University and METU and aims to increase the domestic production ratio.

The SEHA Solar Department, with an area of 12,000 m², was established in Sincan OSB in the first quarter of 2017. With a production capacity of 100 MW, all shortcomings were completed in a short time and full capacity production started.

The quality of photovoltaic solar panels produced by SEHA Solar, which has a wide range of products with good quality and economical production, has been tested and approved by KIWA according to IEC norms. Our company has proven its strength in the sector with its high technology production line, high capacity and quality production. SEHA is planning to  achieve 100% production target of the domestic production status certificate which 70,97% with AR-GE projects it carries out.

As SEHA Solar, SEHA’s quality policy has been adopted and production is being carried out accordingly. Seha Solar’s products are realized with the Industry 4.0 production system and full automatic production line of our factory.

At the same time, solar panel production is carried out according to IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1-2, IEC 61701 Salt corrosion, IEC 62804 PID FREE documents. In this way, our factory has become known in a very short period. Our PV modules produced by our company are given 10 years product durability, 10 years of 90% efficiency and 25 years 80% efficiency guarantee.

Completed Projects::

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of ŞUSKİ Solar Power Plant Project

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKI General Directorate Solar Power Plant Project

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MASKI General Directorate Solar Power Plant Project

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality HATSU General Directorate Solar Power Plant Project

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality KASKİ General Directorate Solar Power Plant Project

IEC 61215-IEC 61730 (2018 EDII) ISO 9001-2008, certified production with CE marking.

First 10 years with 90% performance, 25 years with 80% performance guarantee and 2 years mechanical and labor warranty.


Elektrolüminesans: Quality control of the smallest micro cracks and fractures with infrared radiation.

Solar Simulator: Classification according to power tolerances with 1000W / m² irradiation, +3 watts tolerance at 25 ° C.

Salt-Fog Test: The salt resistance according to IEC 61701 ed2 standards.

Snow Load Test: Snow load resistance under 5400Pa according to IEC 61215 standards.

Ammonia Corrosion Test: Corrosion resistance according to IEC 62716 standards.

Potential Induced Degradation: PID resistance according to IEC 62804 standards.

Wind Load Test: Wind load resistance according to IEC 61215 standards.

Thermal Cycle Damp Heat Test: 1000 hours damp heat and 200 thermal cycles according to IEC 61215 standards.

High Performance in Low Radiation: Over 3% performance on cloudy days, morning and evening (200W / m²)

Fill Factor Value: High Fill Factor value, increasing power.
Cell Power: 3-4-5 Cells with high gust of Busbar.

Just in Time Production: Can not be changed in the panel production date and panel sales guarantee generated in the last year.