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Seha Project Department operates on areas such as; Information & Communication Technologies (IT&ICT), Security Solutions, Laboratory and Test Solutions, Solid Waste Management, Rubber Technology Transfer and Automotive Bodywork as a manufacturer.

Through each department’s excellent know-how skills and vast knowledge, Seha has been accredited supplier for many public institutions and “World’s leading organizations” directly and contract based.

We are an expert company on contract and supply management, which procures unique products and offers services for different customer segments and that has unified the advantage of having various business partners with its dynamism and adaptation talent.

Seha Project and Contract department, with its integrator, supplier and economic operator identity, with all local and worldwide organizations that has been worked, is able to supply goods and service in the sectors it exists in 81 cities all over Turkey and in a great deal of other Countries.

we are your bridge in your supply projects

IT & ICT Systems Solutions:


Seha, who has observed the sector’s most important need is “end-to-end solution” at the stage of Turkey’s transformation to information society and has an active part at this stage, undertakes to do its own social responsibility with its added value, established its Information and Communication Technologies department in 2000 and have become one of the leader companies in this sector. Seha is able to provide even most complicated solutions precisely, practically and understandably with its wide product range, know-how capital, expert technical staff and professional approach.

With its ability of assessment of all known brands on project basis, Seha provides brand-independent, simple and flexible solutions to its customers.

Seha, with its ability of producing brand-free solutions, guarantees continuous customer focused business partnership that understands goals and demands of the customer.

Seha guarantees high quality, high security, permanent accessibility, flexibility – expansionary, high efficiency, upward compatibility, minimum total cost of ownership (TCO), end-to-end solution and support criterias for all provided solutions.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Systems Room:

We design the IT Rooms as the brain of the system where the demands of information technology departments is intensively high.

For a safe system room preventive measures are taken against; humidity, water, vibration, lightening, electrical noise, insects, everheating, explosion, earthquake, dust, smoke and fire. We build systemrooms equipped with eElevated floors, lowered ceilings, vantilation windows, glass walls, door control and alarms.

We install the uninterrupted power supply that is needed by the system in modular upgradable. We are aware that energy saving has priority.

Design and Modelling Centres:

SEHA provides turnkey installation of design and modelling-prototyping centres. Prototypes for standard or special solutions can be produced rapidly in these centres thanks to the Metal and Plastic 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and heat treatment furnaces, which are the production technology of the future that eliminate the need for moulds for manufacturers. In addition, thanks to the PCB prototyping machines provided to these centres, multi-layer circuit boards can be produced from scratch.

Biometric Identification Systems:

SEHA, specializing in the supply and application of biometric products and solutions, presents technological developments in the world of safety to customers for more than 30 years. In biometric security products and solutions; law enforcement authorities, law enforcement agencies, immigration management departments rely on our company’s expertise as a trusted solution provider, and use our biometric solutions with confidence. Some of our solutions for access and data security, authorization, authentication services are:
Finger and hand print scanning, identification and verification systems, Iris scanning, identification and verification systems, Face detection, identification and verification systems,  Inter-institutional data flow, data integration software, Mobile solutions

Distance Learning Solutions:


We provide you all the advantages of distance education systems including rich content creation (3D animations, professional video shootings, scenarios, simulations)with the most effective methods and the latest technological infrastructure by considering your corporate security / privacy policies. We provide the most appropriate solutions for all needs ranging from Military, Defense and Police organizations’ Distance Education requirements, which require high security and confidentiality, to public trainings which open for all people.

Early Warning & Monitoring Systems:


Camera-based tracking systems and an effective security control during the Image Analysis Software is also supported by an integrated early warning systems need to be brought under control with the threat perception of the danger from the first moments (forest fires, Motion Sensitivity, Object Detection and Discrimination Be) on many issues, such as The first phase of intervention necessary to accelerate the system installation is done by our team of experts.

Laboratory & Test Solutions:

In laboratory sector, the goods and some of the services which are procured by our company as contract-based are given below; Chemical Analysis Equipments, Medical Analysis Equipments, Food Testing Laboratory Equipments, Textile Testing Equipments, Air Quality Testing Equipments, Water Analysis Equipments, Metrology Equipments, Testing Equipments in a broad range, all kinds of trainings, seminar and courses, furnitures, support equipments, infrastructure and civil works, all kinds of installation, warranty, after-sales services based on customer satisfaction.

Our company, on behalf of all end users and beneficiaries, keeps equal distance to all companies and all the products in the sector to find the satisfying solutions to true needs and to find the right answers to the right questions and offers competitive work opportunities.

Industrial Production Facilities:

In this scope, Seha supplies turn-key industrial facility set ups by experienced crews. Some of these facilities are; Natural Stone Processing Facilities, Woodwork Processing Facilities, Textile Production Line, Food Processing Facilities and Machining Facilities.

Solid Waste Management:

Seha has procured a great deal of construction machines and solid waste incinerators in the scope of awarded solid waste management projects all around country. These are;

• Trash Compactor
• Wheel Loader
• Bulldozer
• Crashing Mill Machine
• Tractor