Seha, who was founded in 1988, has started its business by serving technical consultancy and engineering services to industrial foundations. However maintained its business as a commitments, supply and project company with its prominent integrator identity.

Seha has entered into tyre sector in the beginning of 90s and became an important exporter in this sector in a short period of time.

Seha, as being 5th biggest tyre exporter every single year after late 90s, stood in the sector. In 2000s, Seha maintains this success under its own brand “SEHA” tyres.

As being a project company since its foundation, Seha has been interested in European Union, United Nations, and World Bank grant aided projects. By completing significant projects in many sectors, Seha gained a worldwide business experience.

Seha started its business in automotive sector in the 2000s. Seha Automotive department, who is approved and accredited by vehicle production companies, stood in as a significant vehicle bodywork company in the sector.