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SEHA is founded in 1988. SEHA has served large scale industrial units as technical consultant and engineering when it has first started to business as a commitment, supply and project firm.

SEHA has entered into tyre sector in the beginning of the 90s and became a respectable export trader in this sector rapidly. It has been ranked as 5th biggest tyre export trader after late 90s every single year. In 2000s, SEHA is maintaining that success under its own brand “SEHA” tyres.

As being a project firm since its foundation, SEHA has been interested in Europe Union, United Nations, and World Bank grant aided projects. By completing significant projects in many sectors, SEHA gained a wide business experience.

Thanks to each department’s excellent know-how capital, SEHA has been accredited supplier of many public institutions and World’s leading organizations’ directly and contract based.

SEHA started to business in automotive sector in the 2000s. SEHA AUTOMOTIVE stands as a respected and accredited vehicle bodywork firm by vehicle producers in the automotive sector.