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SEHA is running its businesses as being in the top 500 of best exporter firms, top 300 in the automotive sector, and 5th biggest exporter in the tyre sector in Turkey. We are export trading to more than 70 countries and import trading from around 30 countries. SEHA is maintaining and developing business relationships with 200 abroad and 1200 domestic firms each year.

SEHA Tyre Department is exporting its vehicle tyres in several dimensions to many countries in the world under the brand of “SEHA”. We are invigorating our business in this sector by adding new dimensions to product lines.

SEHA, in the automotive sector, is furnishing services and creating solutions upon extensive product range with its customer focused special vehicle solutions (vehicle bodywork).  SEHA maintains its businesses as a respected and accredited vehicle bodywork firm by vehicle producers in the automotive sector.

SEHA is in the position as the primary supplier of domestic and global organizations (Europe Union, World Bank, United Nations, and Public Institutions) and many corporate customers with its business actualization potential up to 70 million Euros. Seha; is having operations in Information & Communication Technologies (IT&ICT), Energy systems, Laboratory and experiment solutions, Rubber technology transfers.

Right along with trade, contract and manufacturing, SEHA is representing several manufacturers around the world in different sectors in Turkey.

Because of SEHA’s quality vision, Call Center is accessible from all around Turkey for 7/24 at after-sale support service.